Sustainable biodegradable bamboo toothbrush.

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This toothbrush with the beautiful organic round design from natural fine crafted bamboo will make brushing your teeth a unique, feel good experience. Use the smooth, anti-slip handle to fight against the plastic waste problem while keeping your oral health at top notch with the durable colored bristle and the natural anti-bacterial protection of the bamboo wood. Choose your favorite color and save the planet in style.

Color: natural color with green bristle

Material: handle of heat-treated bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber with bristle of nylon-4 both 100% biodegradable which means it can be disposed of safely by returning it to earth in compost or landfill. Both the bamboo and bristles will biodegrade into soil, without pollution.

Healthy: antibacterial protection, fumigation/disinfection certificate,BPA free

Practical: waterproof,anti-slip

Durable: lasts 3+ months but the Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 months.

Usage: we recommend you rinse and dry your toothbrush after use to keep it clean.


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